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Support for services must be domestic and local (within 1 hour radius). Except where there are no qualified MDs within 1 hour driving radius. Are you applying for domestic and local support? *
You must have verifiable relevant diagnosis as reported by a board certified medical doctor practicing in the United States. Can a board certified medical doctor practicing in the United States validate your condition? *
Your treatment plan must be recognized through generally accepted oncologic practices such as those recommended in the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) guidelines. Does your medical care provider employ generally accepted oncologic practices such as those recommended in NCCN? *
You must be receiving treatment for management of relevant illness. Are currently receiving treatment for the management of cancer? *
At home oral treatment is not covered under this program. Are you receiving treatment at an established treatment location, including outpatient locations? *
Must be able to redeem offering within 3 months from application. Should a gift be granted, will you redeem your gift within 3 months? *
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Any required travel by a permitted accompanying non-patient (supporter), requires that the supporter remains with the patients at all times. I.e. Supporter may not leave clinic / hospital to “run errands” after depositing patient. Will you require a travel companion? *
Your household annual income must be less than $50,000/year. Does your household earn less than $50,000/year? *
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