Disclaimer: THG introduced: Health Partnering as a healthcare delivery model in 2004.

Welcome to today and the future.

Yesterday and traditionally we have experienced and witnessed the limited effectiveness of what we have termed our HealthCARE system.

The idea of HealthCARE, while honorable and useful in transporting us to modern times, is outdated and obsolete. 

HealthCARE has become little more than just a method to obtain financial reward through a plug-in system where medical professionals and corporations gain access to money.

This SYSTEM of previsions for professional health services and products has run its course.

We the people became AWARE and through this awareness we have transformed from more than just observers, we have become activists, through our expired tolerance towards systems that do not adequately address the interests of our communities and the people at large. 

We appreciate and salute those passed attempts to repair the “healthcare system” and efforts like the Oncology Care Model are honorable. 

But the fact is: HealthCARE is a fundamentally flawed arrangement and in today’s technological times, there is no excuse for leaders who lack the courage to scrap ineffective campaigns immediately once the campaign is proven obsolete. 

We all know now that when information share time became immediate, …that is… the time it takes for information to travel, goes to zero, the act of delaying improvement is only a corporate one, having no consideration for the people.

Modern Care International and Modern Cancer Care introduces: HealthPartnering TM

HealthPartnering TM starts with prevention! And ends with results-based health intervention.

HealthPartnering TM appropriately re-assigns the responsibility of good health in proper proportionality. The capable individual first and then the arrangements that support the individual.

Where healthcare is: outdated, vague an exploitive, HealthPartneringTM is modern, literal and empowering.

Where healthcare is: demeaning, with little financial incentive to communities, HealthPartneringTM restores dignity and is hugely economically stimulating to local and international cultures.

Step into the future through HealthPartnering TM

Thank you