how your contribution works

MCC CAPs is a domestic community-focused non-profit organization (501c3) with awareness of socio-economics and a commitment to humanitarian services that provide auxiliary support to patients living with cancer as well as educational support to related non-patients and/or care givers. This organization was inspired by passionate executives who believe that CAPs is “an example of our belief that all businesses should sponsor default public services aimed at the community from which it receives support”.

How does CAPs work? Our process offers monetary gifts that are based on previous year’s accrual and awarded at least semi-annually in the year following the contribution. For example: Gifts awarded in 2017 depend on donations and contributions given in 2016.

Gift funds include interest earned up to the date of the release of funds minus the pre-determined, minimum administrative costs that makes the service possible.

Gifts are paid directly to the provider of the service or product [institutions or company(ies)] on behalf of the applicant.

As applicants apply for assistance or request services, MCC CAPs gives in turn to the contribution categories on behalf of patient / non-patient applicants who meet qualifying criteria.

  1. All Monetary Gifts are subject to qualifying criteria.

  2. Gift Recipients are required to submit an application, be verified and meet qualifying criteria.

In the event, there are no applications to consider MCC CAPs distributes the funds as scheduled in the geographical region of greatest need (as information for this determination is readily accessible by us).

Your contribution(s) are tax deductible.

For more information you may email at Or write to:

212 Lexington Street, 2nd Floor
Baltimore, MD 21202