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BOOKS & JAZZ w/ Dr. L. Shabazz

Books & Jazz -  is an exciting new program hosted by Dr. L. Shabazz!

Register to attend these live or virturally by emailing us at: 

[INTELLECTUALS WELCOME. No Subscription Necessary]

BOOKS & JAZZ w/ Dr. L. Shabazz  - Is for deep thinkers, musicians, artists… basically anyone who can transcend what they see and hear in mainstream media. Dr. L. Shabazz, a world class Hematologist/Oncologist reminds us that professionals are also PEOPLE; complete with passions and interests!

CHAMBLU embraces this human aspect and provides a platform where we can talk, share, feed and grow together as we journey through discussions about jazz musical artists, their expressions and ultimately their gifts!


  1. Read the book - MUSIC IS MY MISTRESS by: Duke Ellington and Edward K. Ellington

    [NOTE: Consider getting the book from Amazon Smiles and you can make a contribution to CAPs Transportation Program for cancer patients that need transportation support]

  2. Capture your perspective as you read the book - Take notes so we can hear your point of view on the show.

  3. Engage Dr. L. Shabazz and share it live in studio or on your technology device (email us to reserve your seat)

Earlier Event: September 4
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